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Happy child playing the drum set while singing

Drum Lessons

Drums At
The green tambourine

Experience the music you love

At our The Green Tambourine, students learn drums while playing music they enjoy. We customize our curriculum to include songs and genres they like, such as rock, pop, jazz, or hip-hop. With our instructors' guidance, students master beats, fills, and grooves from their favorite tunes, making learning engaging and fun. This personalized approach connects students to the music they play, fostering a deeper appreciation for drumming. As they progress, students experience the satisfaction of mastering new skills, fueling their enthusiasm for drumming and music overall.

Kid in a red shirt sitting ready behind a drum set

drum SkillS

Instrument  Skills

Basic rudiments

Groove and feel

Knowledge of styles

Limb independence 



Rhythm and timing

Instrument maintenance 

and tuning

Musical Skills

Note reading

Ear training

Rhythmic fluency




Music Theory

Ensemble playing

Performance skills

Closeup of a kid in striped shirt playing drums while watching the teacher

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on Rhythm

Rhythm is the heartbeat of music, providing structure, momentum, and energy to compositions. It serves as the foundation upon which melodies and harmonies are built, creating cohesive and engaging music. Rhythm gives music its groove, determining the tempo, pulse, and feel that listeners instinctively respond to. It establishes patterns of repetition and variation, and plays a pivotal role in providing structure in music.


As percussion instruments, drums produce distinct and rhythmic sounds that punctuate and drive the music forward. From the steady beat of a bass drum to the intricate patterns of a snare drum, drums add texture, dynamics, and intensity to musical arrangements. Drummers control the tempo, dynamics, and feel of the music, shaping its mood and atmosphere. Their rhythmic presence not only anchors the music but also inspires movement, emotion, and connection among listeners, making rhythm and drums integral components of the musical experience.

Black and white sketches of various drums

Lesson programs & pricing


Musical Explorations

For ages 3-5        $110/month

Two very young toddlers holding hand drums while sitting on a carpet

Shake, tap and groove with lots of instruments like glockenspiels, triangles, hand drums as well as piano, ukulele and violin.

Introduction to Drums

For ages 4-6        $ 140/month

3 young kids playing snare  drums

The best way to start young musicians with instrumental lessons? Our Introduction level classes are the perfect option.

Group Lessons

For ages 6-12        $155/month

Percussion ensemble rehearsal with three students playing drum set, cajon, and timbales

Songs kids want to learn, and an opportunity to play with others makes learning a breeze, and a ton of fun. 

Individual Lessons

For ages 4-Adult       $220/month

Adult student intently practicing drum set

A personalized learning environment for those who have particular interests they are ready to explore.

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Meet Our Staff

Teacher Ben recording a drum solo in a studio


Ben is a multi-instrumentalist specializing  in drums, as well as guitar and bass. Ben attended the Steinhardt School of New York University and Loyola University New Orleans, where he attained a Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Studies with a concentration in jazz percussion and a minor in Music. Since high school, Ben has fronted his own rock bands, and played in many others. He has also booked tours with his bands, performing all over the US. Ben continues to write and perform his original music locally in Philly, as well as playing with several other bands. 

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