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Drum Set

Ba dum tss! Come join a drum class or try individual lessons

Group Classes 

Group classes are a great way for beginners to start out playing the drums. Group classes are open for enrollment throughout the year and are designed for ages 5-12. 

Individual Lessons

Our one-on-one drum lessons offer a highly specialized experience for students. We custom tailor material to best suit students' interest and level of playing experience. 

Teaching Approach

At The Green Tambourine we teach students to become well rounded musicians. This means we focus on ear training, note reading, composition and musical fundamentals as well as proper technique. We use a variety of musical styles to engage and encourage students on their musical journey.


Instrument Questions

Do I need a drum set? We will help recommend an instrument based on your specific needs. You do not need to currently own a full drum kit to start lessons. There are lots of creative options from drum pads and electric kits to a bucket drum set up. 

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