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School aged girl playing a red and white electric bass

Bass Lessons

Bass At
The green tambourine

Play the foundation of harmony for all music

At The Green Tambourine, we're committed to making bass lessons exciting and enjoyable by encouraging students to explore music they love. Whether it's grooving to classic basslines, playing along with popular hits, or diving into the deep rhythms of jazz standards, we customize the repertoire to match their interests. This personalized approach keeps students motivated and dedicated to practicing, fostering a strong connection with the bass guitar while promoting creativity and expression. By playing music they enjoy, students develop a positive attitude towards learning and cultivate a lasting passion for the bass.

Additionally, we incorporate elements of composition and improvisation into our bass lessons to enrich students' musical experiences. These components empower students to experiment with their own musical ideas, enhancing confidence and encouraging self-expression. At The Green Tambourine, we provide a supportive community where students actively shape their musical journey. Join us for a free trial and discover the joy of making music on the bass!

Pre-teen boy in a hoodie holding an electric bass

Bass SkillS

Instrument Skills

Hand independence

Technique exercises

Fretboard Knowledge

Finger dexterity

Control of touch and tone



Musical Skills

Note reading

Ear training

Rhythmic fluency




Music Theory

Ensemble playing

Performance skills

Band practice with the bass player up front and the keyboard player and guitarist in the back

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on Harmony

The bass holds a significant cool factor in music due to its fundamental role in providing the foundation of harmony. Serving as the backbone of a piece, the bass establishes the root notes of chords and outlines chord progressions, lending depth and cohesion to the composition. Beyond its harmonic function, the bass infuses music with groove and rhythm, inspiring listeners to move and dance. Whether through driving rock basslines, funky slap grooves, or smooth jazz walking bass, the rhythmic patterns crafted by the bass are captivating. Moreover, bassists have the opportunity to explore its melodic potential, employing techniques like slides and harmonics to add expressiveness and color to their playing. The bass's versatility spans across various musical genres, from jazz to rock, pop, and hip-hop, making it an indispensable element in any ensemble. This versatility, combined with its ability to hold down the low end while infusing personality into the music, contributes to the undeniable coolness associated with playing the bass, earning admiration from both fellow musicians and fans alike.

Stylized print of music notes and symbols floating around

Lesson programs & pricing


Girl concentrating on her left hand on the bass fretboard

Individual Lessons

For ages 4-Adult       $220/month

A personalized learning environment for those who have particular interests they are ready to explore. 

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Meet Our Staff


Ben is a multi-instrumentalist specializing  in drums, as well as guitar and bass. As an active performer, Ben is involved in several bands and also loves on songwriting. 

Ben playing drums in a recording studio
Baylor playing guitar with cool lighting


Baylor is an instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, and all-around musician with 16 years of experience teaching and performing indie, alternative, classic rock, and folk music in a variety of styles. 

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