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Young boy sitting at keyboard, looking over his shoulder smiling at the camera

Piano Lessons

Piano At
The green tambourine

Teaching music students love to play

At The Green Tambourine, we believe in making piano lessons enjoyable by encouraging students to explore music they love. Whether it's classical compositions, popular hits, movie soundtracks, or jazz standards, we tailor the repertoire to match their interests. This personalized approach keeps students motivated to practice and cultivates a strong bond with the piano, fostering their creativity and expression. Playing music they enjoy also instills a positive attitude towards learning and nurtures a lifelong passion for the piano.


Moreover, we integrate composition and improvisation into our lessons to further enrich students' musical journeys. These elements not only enhance their creativity but also boost confidence and encourage self-expression. At The Green Tambourine, our supportive community empowers students to actively choose their music and unleash their creativity. Join us for a free trial and experience the joy of making music on the piano your way!

Two electric pianos with three students practicing finger exercises

piano SkillS

Instrument Skills

Hand independence

Technique exercises

Pedal technique

Control of touch and tone

Chord voicing





Musical Skills

Note reading

Ear training

Rhythmic fluency




Music Theory

Ensemble playing

Performance skills

Girl in a pink shirt carefully placing her fingers on a piano

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on piano's Range

The piano's range is both amazing and unique due to its ability to cover an extensive span of musical pitches, from the lowest bass notes to the highest treble notes. This wide range allows the piano to accommodate a vast array of musical styles and genres, from classical to jazz, pop to rock, and beyond. The piano has an extensive range spanning roughly 7 to 8 octaves, surpassed only by some pipe organs. Pianists utilize this range in various ways during their performances. They explore melodic lines that traverse the entire span of the keyboard, weaving expressive phrases that move seamlessly between the lower and upper registers. When accompanying harmonies or playing chords, they distribute notes across different octaves to create rich and balanced textures. Additionally, the piano's range allows for textural variation, with pianists selecting different parts of the keyboard to create varying levels of density and intricacy in their playing. Overall, the piano's range offers a vast palette of possibilities for pianists to convey emotion, mood, and musicality in their performances.

Closeup of a few piano keys

Lesson programs & pricing


Musical Explorations

For ages 3-5        $110/month

Action shot of two very young kids having fun at a piano

Shake, tap and groove with lots of instruments like glockenspiels, triangles, hand drums as well as piano, ukulele and violin.

Introduction to Piano

For ages 4-6        $ 140/month

Smiling young girl playing piano by herself

The best way to start young musicians with instrumental lessons? Our Introduction level classes are the perfect option.

Group Lessons

For ages 6-12        $155/month

Closeup of two sets of fingers on a piano

Songs kids want to learn, and an opportunity to play with others makes learning a breeze, and a ton of fun. 

Individual Lessons

For ages 4-Adult       $220/month

Adult piano student practicing complex sheet music

A personalized learning environment for those who have particular interests they are ready to explore.

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Meet Our Staff


Ann is the owner and director of The Green Tambourine, as well as a full time teacher at the studio. She loves teaching piano to students of all experience levels, and also loves singing and composing. 

Ann playing violin with guitars in the background


Baylor is a musician with 16 years of experience teaching and performing indie, alternative, classic rock, and folk music in a variety of styles. Baylor teaches beginner piano and is great at connecting with students.

baylor playing guitar


Dianemarie specializes in voice and piano, with experience in a variety of musical styles. With versatility in genre, she encourages students to find music they are interested in exploring.

Dianemarie looking at the camera

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