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Pre-teen focusing intently on her viola lesson

Viola Lessons

ViolA At
The green tambourine

Experience the warmth and richness of the viola

Learning the viola provides a gateway to a world of rich, warm tones and expressive possibilities. Beyond the joy of mastering a beautiful instrument, viola lessons offer invaluable opportunities for personal growth, fostering discipline, patience, and creativity. Whether you dream of performing in orchestras, chamber ensembles, or simply playing for personal enjoyment, lessons at The Green Tambourine provide the foundation you need. 

At our school, students can benefit from expert instruction tailored to their individual needs. Our instructors can provide personalized guidance, helping students develop proper technique, musicality, and expression on the viola. We offer a comprehensive curriculum designed to cater to students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. This curriculum includes instruction in essential techniques, music theory, sight-reading, ensemble playing, and performance skills, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded musical education. Try a lesson with us for free!

School age child playing her viola

viola SkillS

Instrument Skills


Tone production


Finger dexterity




Proper technique

Instrument care & maintenance

Musical Skills

Note reading

Ear training

Rhythmic fluency




Music Theory

Ensemble playing

Performance skills

Young girl with excellent hand positioning playing her viola

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on the alto clef

One of the coolest things about the viola is that it uses a special clef called the alto clef. The alto clef, often referred to as the viola clef, is undeniably cool for several reasons. Firstly, its design is visually intriguing, with the symbol resembling a stylized "C" encircling the line representing middle C, providing a clear reference point for viola players. Additionally, the alto clef offers a sense of exclusivity, as it is primarily used by violists, setting them apart from musicians who predominantly read music in treble or bass clef. This unique clef empowers viola players with a specialized notation system tailored to the instrument's range, facilitating efficient reading and interpretation of music specifically written for the viola. Furthermore, mastering the alto clef enhances a musician's versatility and understanding of different clefs, enriching their overall musical literacy. In essence, the alto clef's distinctive appearance, specialized functionality, and role in defining the viola's identity contribute to its undeniable coolness in the realm of music notation.

Typset Alto Clef

Lesson programs & pricing


Closeup of a viola's bridge and fingerboard

Individual Lessons

For ages 4-Adult       $220/month

A personalized learning environment for those who have particular interests they are ready to explore. 

Violas on a luthier's wall


Quality violas are expensive to buy. Renting a viola offers several advantages, particularly for beginners or those uncertain about their commitment to playing. It provides access to quality instruments without the upfront expense of buying. Renting also allows for flexibility, enabling students to switch sizes, making it a great option for kids. Overall, renting a viola offers an affordable and practical way to start learning the instrument without the initial investment.

We offer convenient, quality rentals for $20/month. Just tick the box on your registration form.

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Meet Our Staff


Ann is the owner and director of The Green Tambourine, as well as a full time teacher at the studio. She is a multi-instrumentalist specializing on string instruments. Trained as a violinist and violist, she also loves singing and composing.  

Ann is classically trained and has played in numerous ensembles, including a variety of orchestras and small groups. Ann is especially interested in using string instruments in a variety of musical styles and has played in groups that range from funk to jazz and classical to indie rock. She is currently developing the musical curriculum for The Green Tambourine and loves searching through music to find tunes that are the right fit for students, both in interesting musical content and expanding student skills. 

Ann playing viola with a ukulele in the background

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