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Voice Lessons

Voice At
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Sing all the best songs

At The Green Tambourine, we're passionate about voice lessons that inspire creativity and enjoyment. We encourage students to explore their favorite music genres, whether it's classical arias, popular songs, or Broadway hits. By customizing the repertoire to match their interests, we keep students engaged and motivated to practice, fostering a strong connection with their voice. This personalized approach not only enhances creativity and expression but also cultivates a positive attitude towards learning, nurturing a lifelong love for singing.

At The Green Tambourine, we provide a supportive community where students can actively participate in shaping their musical journey. Join us for a free trial and discover the joy of expressing yourself through singing in your own unique way!

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vocal SkillS

Voice Skills

Sound production


Breath control

Tone quality

Diction and articulation

Vocal range

Vocal care

Musical Skills

Note reading

Ear training

Rhythmic fluency




Music Theory

Performance skills

Group of children singing together in a choir

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on Sound Production

The marvels of sound production in singing are a testament to the intricate coordination of physiological mechanisms and artistic expression. From the moment air is drawn into the lungs, a complex interplay of muscles and structures transforms it into vocal sound. The delicate balance of airflow, vocal fold vibration, and resonance within the vocal tract produces an astonishing range of pitches, tones, and textures. Each subtle adjustment in vocal technique, from the precise control of breath support to the nuanced shaping of vowels and consonants, contributes to the creation of a unique sonic signature. As singers explore the capabilities of their instrument, they unlock a world of creative possibilities, using sound production as a vehicle for storytelling, emotion, and connection with their audience. In the marvels of sound production lies the magic of singing, where science and art converge to elevate the human voice to soaring heights of expression.

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Lesson programs & pricing


Girl singing with drum set in the background

Individual Lessons

For ages 4-Adult       $220/month

A personalized learning environment for those who have particular interests they are ready to explore. 

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Meet Our Staff

Dianemarie's black and white head shot

Dianemarie specializes in voice, with experience in a variety of musical styles. With versatility of genre, she encourages students to find music they are interested in exploring. Dianemarie possesses a genuine passion for getting to know each student as a unique artist, fostering an environment where they can excel and achieve their goals. As an energetic and dedicated teacher, Dianemarie prioritizes not only enhancing her students' musical skills but also building their confidence and artistic expression. Her approach is centered on nurturing both the technical and creative aspects of her students' musical journey.


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