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Three pre-teens smiling and playing violin together

Violin Lessons

Violin At
The green tambourine

Explore all the styles the violin offers

At The Green Tambourine, we make violin lessons fun by supporting students to explore music they love, be it classical, pop, movie themes, or show tunes. Customizing the repertoire to their interests keeps them motivated and fosters a strong connection to the instrument, nurturing their creativity and expression. This approach instills a positive attitude towards learning and a lasting passion for the violin.

In addition, we emphasize composition and improvisation in our lessons to further enrich students' musical experiences. These elements not only enhance their creativity but also boost confidence and self-expression. At The Green Tambourine, our supportive community encourages students to actively choose their music and explore their creativity. Join us for a free trial and discover the joy of making music your way!

Boy smiling towards camera, holding his violin and bow

violin SkillS

Instrument Skills


Tone production


Finger dexterity




Proper technique

Instrument care & maintenance

Musical Skills

Note reading

Ear training

Rhythmic fluency




Music Theory

Ensemble playing

Performance skills

Young girl with excellent posture playing her violin

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on the sound Post

The sound post, a small cylindrical wooden dowel located inside the violin's body, serves a crucial role in shaping the instrument's sound and structural integrity. Positioned under the right foot of the violin bridge, the sound post transmits vibrations between the top and back plates of the instrument, enhancing resonance and projection. Its primary function is to support the tension of the strings and distribute vibrations effectively, optimizing the violin's tonal quality and projection. Additionally, the sound post helps maintain the structural integrity of the violin by counteracting the pressure exerted by the strings on the bridge and preventing the top plate from collapsing under the tension. Essentially, the sound post acts as a critical component in shaping the violin's sound, ensuring its tonal richness, projection, and structural stability.

Sound post inside of a violin

Lesson programs & pricing


Musical Explorations

For ages 3-5        $110/month

5 year old playing small violin

Shake, tap and groove with lots of instruments like glockenspiels, triangles, hand drums as well as piano, ukulele and violin.

Introduction to Violin

For ages 4-6        $140/month

Five year old in a batman shirt playing violin

The best way to start young musicians with instrumental lessons? Our Introduction level classes are the perfect option.

Group Lessons

For ages 6-12        $155/month

Quartet of four students playing violin together

Songs kids want to learn, and an opportunity to play with others makes learning a breeze, and a ton of fun. 

Individual Lessons

For ages 4-Adult       $220/month

An adult student practicing violin

A personalized learning environment for those who have particular interests they are ready to explore.

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Violins hanging on a wall at a luthier shop

Violin Rental

Quality violins are expensive. Renting a violin can be a fantastic option, especially for beginners or those unsure about their long-term commitment to playing the instrument. Renting allows individuals to access a quality instrument without the upfront cost of purchasing. It provides flexibility, enabling students to switch to a different size violin as they progress. Renting a violin provides an affordable and convenient way to begin learning the instrument without the initial financial investment.

We offer convenient, quality rentals for $20/month. Just tick the box on your registration form and we'll set up your violin, complete with a case, rosin and shoulder rest.

Meet Our Staff


Ann is the owner and director of The Green Tambourine, as well as a full time teacher at the studio. She is a multi-instrumentalist specializing on string instruments. Trained as a violinist and violist, she also loves singing and composing.  

Ann is classically trained and has played in numerous ensembles, including a variety of orchestras and small groups. Ann is especially interested in using string instruments in a variety of musical styles and has played in groups that range from funk to jazz and classical to indie rock. She is currently developing the musical curriculum for The Green Tambourine and loves searching through music to find tunes that are the right fit for students, both in interesting musical content and expanding student skills. 

Teacher Ann smiling, playing her viola

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